Your very own nervous, fidgety and hella cute Simon!

God he looked like a little kid in thisso excitedso YOUNGthis was the Simon that left for America at 21with stars in his eyesthinking it would cure himmake him happybring him the peace he had soughtThis is the Simon who found a place within the community the ULA providedAnd a mentor in the Undead ProphetThis is the Simon who believesheart and soulthat he is about to learn how special Kieren is to everyoneabout to hear praise for finding someone so incredibleabout to hear that he will get to stay with Kierenand that together they can usher in a newbeautifuland pain free world together where everyone is treated RIGHTtreated like Simon treats people,with gentleness and patienceThis is the Simon who is about to have all of his hopes dashed AGAINand he doesn’t even know it(via kedreeva)